Distance Learning MBA, Online Education, UK University

  The London Metropolitan University’s MBA degree is an internationally recognized business degree and a valuable qualification for those aiming to become global business leaders. It is academic in nature, yet provides practical preparation for individuals in business and management.

The programme is designed to prepare participants in the major functional areas of today’s competitive business world. The pace of the programme is rigorous and participants are offered opportunities to study modern organisations. The programme aims to provide participants with the skills necessary to guide their decisions as corporate executives in a dynamic, global environment.

This course is designed for graduates who wish to acquire a strong background in business and professional development on an intensive 12-month course, but may not possess a degree in a business-related subject or have experience in business and management. The course provides training in the key business functions such as accounting, marketing, human resources and business strategy and develops key business skills such as business report-writing and management and leadership. The course allows for students to develop functional expertise across chosen subject areas of Finance, Marketing or Human Resource Management through the choice of appropriate modules.

The course provides simulated work experience through the professional development modules and gives students the opportunity to apply for placements in their own country or elsewhere. The programme welcomes students from a broad range of backgrounds who wish to develop successful business careers in increasingly globalised and competitive markets.


  • HRM Specialisation
  • Marketing Specialisation
  • Finance Specialisation

Master of Business Administration

Required Credits: 180

Compulsory Core Modules

  • The Competition and the Business Environment
  • Managing Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing Communications
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Analysis Project

MBA Specialisation Pathways

Finance Pathway

  • Markets and Financial Management
  • Finance for Corporations

HRM Pathway

  • Strategy for and International HRM
  • Resourcing and Talent Management

Marketing Pathway

  • International Marketing
  • International Advertising and Sales

The MBA is an experiential orientated programme. Students’ learning is initiated and directed through formal contact time with the teaching team in e-lectures and e-seminars. The MBA students develop their learning through group activities organised in class and outside formal teaching time. As mature individuals they are expected to develop their competences through reading, writing, problem-solving and other tasks outside class. Students develop their understanding and show their ability to apply knowledge and analyses to various business contexts through the use of case studies, business scenarios, presentations and problem-based learning exercises. Critical thinking is developed throughout the course.

E-lectures and e-seminars are important activities that develop cognitive skills. E-lectures provide students with tools of analysis, outline methods of evaluation and give clear guidance on how best students can extend and apply their learning independently. Module teaching on the MBA is structured so that students first acquire basic knowledge of a topic, usually in a lecture, and then apply and evaluate techniques in a variety of problems and business scenarios in e-seminars and outside formal e-Lectures.

E-Seminars are student-centered and encourage student action. They give students the Opportunity to apply their understanding in various business contexts and to test out their ideas. Seminar and small-group learning activities typically require students to carry out independent work prior to formal class and often to work co-operatively in groups. Practical skills are developed through the use of student presentations in e-seminars and through independent activities undertaken by students who reflect on, develop and present work for informal and formal assessment by the tutor. Initiative and leadership skills are developed progressively through the course and personal development is strongly supported, especially in the year-long modules Leadership and Personal Development and Management Skills.

All modules use primarily a virtual learning environment platform. Module lecture and case study material, course handbooks, problem sets and other material are made available to the students. Other resources including links to web resources, on-line learning games and test questions and feedback will be available online.

This programme is designed to develop senior management and leadership competences in individuals, in order for them to be effective in their respective organisational roles. In particular, the programme is designed to enable students to develop effective, practical management expertise whilst engaging with postgraduate study skills. It therefore addresses the needs of practicing or aspiring senior managers who require formal development of management and leadership skills

The course will enable students to undertake intensive and advanced study of key business functions, business strategy, management and leadership and the external environment in which business operates. Students will acquire professional skills by applying business analysis to a range of problems. The course will develop professionalism and employability in all its students through professional development modules. Taking the course will open up a wide range of career opportunities and graduates should aim to find management roles in international companies, public sector organisations or the voluntary sector.

  • A second class honours degree in any subject, or students holding a qualification recognised as graduate equivalent by the University, plus 2 years management experience, at an appropriate level.
  • Students with Level 7 qualifications (for example Post-graduate Diploma) from approved awarding bodies will be considered for transfer to the final stage of the MBA / advanced standing and earn their degree in as little as six months.
  • Candidates without a first degree can be admitted to the programme provided they have substantial managerial experience, at an appropriate level and can demonstrate ability to succeed on the programme.
  • Other equivalent qualifications may be accepted for entry to this course, please email angelo.dsouza@gmail.com for further information